Funded Projects

Data-Driven Design

Whiteford Felt & Fillings

Padded jacket on a mannequin in a department store, with a screen nearby featuring a 'Sale' sign. In the foreground white lines connected by dots reach across the image.

Data analytics-supported market research of new outerwear product lines

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Abraham Moon & Sons

A collection of fabric samples stuck to pieces of blue card

Building a digital data archive of historic fabric designs

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Bower Roebuck

Logo for Bower Roebuck

Developing a predictive model to determine the right-first-time settings for weaving high-value fabrics based on the fabric specification

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Nomad Atelier

Exploring immersive communication techniques to support growth of independent fashion brands

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Lockwood Publishing

Two digital avatars in a cityscape weating black cyber-punk styled clothes and black face masks

Exploring sustainable careers in digital fashion design

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DP Dyers

Dyeing and colour measurement equipment

Digital technologies for lead-time and waste reduction in the colouration of luxury fabrics

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Abraham Moon & Sons

Inside of Abraham Moon & Sons mill

An AI-driven planning system for producing luxury fabrics

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A mood board of images of models and clothing in different shades of red. A bar in the middle of the image is labelled 'colours' and an eye-dropper tool in the top left corner is highlighting a detail in one image

Colour-based machine learning to create new pathways for designers seeking inspiration in visual databases

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Pennine Weavers

Black fabric being woven on a loom

Developing AI and machine learning to automate factory planning

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Brarista founder Bella Ngo sits against a rack of lingerie and shapewear

Testing the user journey for an AI-driven virtual bra fitting service

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Digital Communication of Aesthetics

Roaches International

Sentire machine developed by Roaches International

A process to digitally evaluate, relay and visualise the aesthetics of textile fabrics

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WT Johnson & Sons

Close-up of navy fabric from WT Johnson & Son

Developing a new digital analysis system for quantitative prediction of the effect of selected process conditions on fabric handle and finish

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Numerion Software

Numerion Software company logo

High quality virtual garment simulation from blockbuster movies to digital fashion

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Abraham Moon & Sons

Red and blue Yarn in a loom engraved with Abraham Moon & Son Ltd

Communicating accurate colour information digitally without sending physical yarn samples

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Late-Stage Customisation

Conductive Transfers

A brightly coloured heat scan of a 3D zoned heater

Wireless 3D-zoned heaters that can be printed onto garments

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Camira Fabrics

Folded samples of pink and purple fabrics

A natural, more sustainable flame-retardant finish for woollen fabrics

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Vivobarefoot graphic with text reading 'Vivobiome'

Closed-loop manufacturing of customisable, sustainable, made-to-measure footwear

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Vorteq Sports

An athlete on a bike wearing an aerodynamic skinsuit in a lab

A new weaving facility to test cutting-edge performance fabrics in the UK

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Skills and Education


A skilled worker wearing headphones checks fibres before they are fully spun at Laxtons

Development of immersive technology for staff training in large-scale textile production

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AW Hainsworth & Sons

Lapel of a tailored jacket in navy and ecru patterned fabric

Digitising early designs from Leeds Industrial Museum to produce a ‘new heritage’ fabric for for electronic jacquard manufacture

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Top half of a greyed-out digital avatar with garments mapped onto the body

Integrated, intuitive, user customized design platform for fashion creatives

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Sustainability and Circular Economies

Joshua Ellis 1767

A close-up of a loom with 'Joshua Ellis' engraved on the metal

Market assessment of high value recycled cashmere products manufactured in the UK

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Deluxe Beds

Layered mattress by Deluxe Beds

Design of a modular mattress product

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Abraham Moon & Sons

A close up of bright pink yarn on a roll connected to a loom

A digital system for enhanced accuracy and efficiency of the wool dyeing process

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Samples of handmade leather accessories including coin purse, wallet and mousemat

Finding a second life for automotive leather in the fashion industry

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Something Wicked

A model wears black leather bra and brieds while sitting on the back of a brown leather sofa

Identifying digital technologies to upscale hand-crafted garment production

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WT Johnson & Sons

A member of staff checks a roll of blue fabric inside the WT Johnson manufacturing facility

Detecting weft misalignment in the fabric finishing process with an intelligent sensory system

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Aurélie Fontan Studio

a sample of light brown mycellium leather

A fully functional production line for plant-based mycelium leather

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Twelve Oaks Software

A new digital system for 3D-woven fashion design

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RubyMoon Gym to Swim

A model stands on a boat at sea wearing a high-necked watersports top in floral print

A new advanced and circular material for watersports using nylon from waste garments

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Rose Danford-Phillips

A model wears a high-necked top and tailored jacket in a variety of bright colours against a brightly coloured background of natural greens, yellows, and oranges

A sustainable coloration system to reduce the environmental impact of adding colour and pattern to fashion products

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British Wool

A ball of white wool being held in the hands of an unseen person

Customisable, comfortable and effective British wool face coverings

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Cotton growing on a plant

A radical approach to more sustainable cotton production

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A model wears a beige-coloured insulated jacket over a blue sports crop top

A vegan, petroleum and freshwater-free alternative to down or polyester for insulated clothing

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Hylo Athletics

A cream Hylo running shoe being laced up

A circular manufacturing process for sustainable running shoes

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Assyst Bullmer

A yellow and white metal cutting machine cuts rectangles from navy fabric

New tools and technologies enabling UK fashion ‘micro-factories’

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Optima 3D

Optima 3D loom

A robotic prototype of a combined digital-design-engineering system for 3D weaving

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SeFF Fibre

A creme denim-style jacket with samples of hemp and hemp yarn

High-quality yarns for the luxury fashion market from Yorkshire-grown hemp

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The Sustainable Sequin Company

Red, gold and silver reflective sequins shaped like flowers

Biodegradable sequins made from waste and industrial by-products

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A pair of blue trousers with darker-toned pockets being worn by a model in block heels

A proof-of-concept collection of 3D-woven trousers

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RubyMoon Gym to Swim

A pile of waste swimwear on a rocky beach

An advanced, circular swimwear material made from waste synthetic sportswear

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A 100% recyclable alternative to existing waterproof textiles for the outdoors industry

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