It is generally accepted that it takes eight cow hides to manufacture a single car seat. When the vehicle is no longer in use and finds itself in the scrap yard, the seats are discarded and go to waste. Cow hides are often discarded before they even make it onto a seat, for errors in details such as stitching. What would happen if a new player were to be introduced in the value chain, so that the maximum value of these cow hides could be captured?

HSSMI’s project, in partnership with Miretur Ltd, a luxury fashion house, and other partners will seek to answer this question by investigating how leather from automotive seats could be reused in the fashion industry to create boutique products.

Maximising the Value of Luxury Leather

Samples of handmade leather accessories including coin purse, wallet and mousemat
Image: HSSMI

We’re excited to use our network to bring together businesses from the industries of automotive manufacturing and luxury fashion in order to create more circular value chains. In a world that is increasingly challenged by resource scarcity, volatility, and shocks, HSSMI is passionate about bringing about innovative ways of thinking and driving collaboration between partners from different industries.

Savina Venkova, Circular Economy Manager