Future Fashion Factory’s research will feed into the development of multidisciplinary STEAM-based designers to address skills gaps across the industry.

This innovation will be seen in fashion and textiles degree programmes at the University of Leeds, University of Huddersfield, and Royal College of Art, as well as in the next generation of industry apprenticeships being developed at the Textile Centre of Excellence in Huddersfield.

Textile Sustainability and Innovation MSc

This technology-based programme will allow you to discover, develop and drive sustainable, innovative textile solutions that will address the global environmental and social challenges facing the fashion and textile industries.

You will develop your skills in textile and apparel technology and build your understanding of product design, development and manufacturing – all with sustainability at the heart of your learning. Within this learning framework you will gain valuable commercial awareness and gain specialist knowledge through optional modules on topics such as fashion industry analysis, colour forecasting, and digital design.

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Product Innovation with Textiles MSc

This all new programme has been built following consultation with industry, and is specifically designed to give graduates the skills that prospective employers are looking for. Taking a holistic approach, this course will give you a strong grounding in textile design, construction and manufacturing as well as an understanding of how innovation can work hand-in-hand with sustainable practices.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of textiles and fibre chemistry and how they support innovation across market sectors, while investigating how to protect and exploit intellectual property. You will examine the full lifecycle of a product and by thinking critically about the textile and related industries, you will gain valuable skills in business, communications, problem-solving and entrepreneurship.

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Industry 4.0 Courses, Textile Centre of Excellence

The Textile Centre of Excellence has been working with partners including the West Yorkshire College Consortium to research the availability of courses delivering technical and generic skills as well as Industry 4.0 awareness and training. 

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Following the analysis the Centre is now aiming to develop and pilot new courses increasing company awareness of the benefit of digital technologies:

Industry 4.0 Awareness (half-day): featuring expert insight and case studies, this workshop will introduce you to big data and artificial intelligence (AI), optimised production systems, the industrial Internet of Things, sensors and predictive maintenance.

Industry 4.0 Training Module (5 days): This course can be integrated into an apprenticeship or taken as a stand-alone course, offering a broad introduction to digital manufacturing. Explore a variety of digital tools and how to use them, learn how to extract value from data, and identify opportunities to apply these techniques to optimise business operations.

Industry 4.0 Top Team Workshop (1 ½ days): this intensive workshop is aimed at company managers. Guided by a facilitator and experts in key knowledge areas, you will undertake company team analysis and planning, identify the digital technologies that could tackle your specific challenges, and create a tailored plan for your business.

Industry 4.0 Training and Consultancy Package (10 days): after a Top Team Workshop, work with an expert to implement your company plan, select the right tools and suppliers, set meaningful performance improvement indicators, and develop the expertise within your team.

For more information email the Centre’s Managing Director, Bill Macbeth.