WT Johnson & Sons

WT Johnson will build on R&D work already undertaken in partnership with the University of Leeds to develop a digital tool that provides a quantitative link between the complex conditions used during fabric finishing and the resulting fabric handle.

The project will enable the company to build an extensive data library from their existing sample archives, to develop a powerful new digital tool capable of predicting the effect of any finishing technique on any type of fabric, or which finish should be selected to achieve a desired effect. 

The information on fabric handle will also be digitally relayed to customers around the world. This will save substantial time and resources on testing, cut production waste and significantly reduce production lead times.

An Intelligent System for Predicting Fabric Finishes

Close-up of navy fabric from WT Johnson & Son
Image: WT Johnson

We are delighted to be working with the University of Leeds to explore digital representation of fabric handle. It is the measure that we, and all of our customers, are ultimately judged by. WT Johnson has always put a premium on innovation with regard to wool finishing, and our collaboration as part of the Future Fashion Factory programme is both innovative and groundbreaking.

Paul Johnson, Managing Director