Deluxe Beds

This project will enable the company to develop a specification and prototype for a new high value modular mattress product, comprising interlocking sections that can be configured to create a personalised product that suits each customer’s unique physical needs.

As the product ages or as customer needs change, individual sections will be replaceable, extending the product lifetime and reducing waste. The innovative design will give the company a competitive edge by providing a new product offering that significantly reduces waste in both the manufacturing process and at the end-of-life, while keeping valuable textile materials in circulation for longer. Better customisation will improve the health benefits of having the right mattress for consumers.

Innovative Mattress Design to Reduce Textile Waste

Layered mattress by Deluxe Beds
Deluxe Beds’ layered mattress design inspired the development of a modular approach. Image: Deluxe Beds

We are very thankful to the Future Fashion Factory for not only providing this opportunity but also the support we had for preparing the application and idea development. Hopefully the idea of the modular mattress will be changing the industry dynamics, presenting Deluxe Beds Ltd as the market leader to have innovative product design and advanced manufacturing processes.

Dr Sammar Javed, Business Development Manager