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3D weaving is enabling a new frontier for the design and manufacture of personalised fashion and accessories. Enabling designers to creatively harness the potential of this technology requires co-creation of new digital systems that are responsive to user needs.

This project is exploring the requirements of designers and each stage of the fashion supply chain to support the development of a new digital 3D-woven design system. The work embeds digital thinking as part of the product development process for 3D woven garment production, exploring the systems required to support designer-manufacturer-consumer relationships. 

User-Friendly Interfaces for 3D Weaving Technology

Thread on an Optima 3D loom, taken during a Future Fashion Factory visit to Optima 3D Ltd, Huddersfield.

Moving to digital is pointless unless it can improve on the processes that already exist. This project focuses on exactly that, how to make the innovation of the industry straightforward and practical to the people who actually use it.

Paul Jervis, Director