Visualist is a modern productivity suite for creatives. The platform helps designers to centralise and make sense of visual inspiration. Most databases rely on keyword searches – and on text metadata – to retrieve appropriate results, which often misses the subjective nature of visual images.

This project will develop machine learning (AI) techniques to form new connections between images based on their colour palettes, providing a platform for a linked visual database and for building new pathways for designers to navigate when seeking inspiration.

Visualist Unlocks Search By Colour for Creatives

A mood board of images of models and clothing in different shades of red. A bar in the middle of the image is labelled 'colours' and an eye-dropper tool in the top left corner is highlighting a detail in one image
Image: Visualist

The whole team at Visualist is incredibly excited about working with Prof Stephen Westland from Future Fashion Factory, and applying his machine learning expertise to our product and increasing overall value to our consumers.

Cherie Yang, Founder