Assyst Bullmer

This project will explore how recent innovations in the automotive and aerospace sectors could accelerate the development of ‘micro-factories’ for the UK fashion industry, incorporating small-scale tools, robotics and digital technologies.

Designers, engineers and manufacturers will co-develop and test new machinery and processes, empowering UK fashion manufacturers to achieve world-leading standards. 

A yellow and white metal cutting machine cuts rectangles from navy fabric
Image: Assyst Bullmer

We are excited to be part of the project to enable the transfer of some of the latest technologies, which we have been developing, for use in micro-factories. In the last few years, we have been heavily involved in integration of robotics and automation with our Bullmer CNC cutting machines. This is a new field, which promises wide range of opportunities for UK-based fashion companies to automate their productions.

Martin Sofranko, Account Manager