DP Dyers

In piece dyeing fabrics for fashion and interiors, highly skilled dyers use their own creative judgment to devise a dye recipe to achieve the required shade. Making late-stage adjustments to this recipe to ensure consistency is costly and time-consuming and also leads to waste when fabrics do not meet quality standards.

A new ‘digital assistant’ is being developed to support the dyeing and shade-matching process, enabling DP Dyers to rapidly provide fashion businesses with consistent, high-quality dyed fabric with minimal waste. 

Dyeing and colour measurement equipment
Image: DP Dyers

The aim of the project for us is to add to our many years of textile experience by using new digital technologies, of which we currently have limited knowledge. Getting access to this technology is a unique opportunity for us, through which we are aiming to achieve a superior product, delivered on time and done in the most efficient way.

Alan Dolley, Technical Manager