Abraham Moon & Sons

With a rich history of designing and manufacturing high-quality fabrics for luxury fashion and interior furnishings markets, Abraham Moon & Sons has accumulated a vast archive of physical samples and design output.

Using high-resolution imaging and manufacturing specification data, this project will develop a new digital software tool to curate, manage and analyse the historical data archive and all newly created designs. By making the data in the archive easily accessible, the business will harness this resource to support future design decision-making, optimise manufacturing processes, and reduce lead times. 

A collection of fabric samples stuck to pieces of blue card
Image: Abraham Moon & Sons

Established in 1837, we are immensely proud of our heritage with a rich archive of designs and fabric qualities created over decades in our vertical woollen mill. At present, carefully preserved and largely inaccessible, part of our archive will be digitally recorded and catalogued, allowing us to explore and be inspired by a wealth of designs from previous generations. This project will provide an invaluable tool for our future.

Judith Coates, Design Director