Abraham Moon & Sons

Major global fashion brands rely on luxury fabric manufacturers to create their most iconic looks. This project will develop a new AI-driven planning system for Abraham Moon’s vertical woollen mill.

The aim of the project is to improve the end-to-end scheduling processes within operations increasing the company’s agility, improving lead-times and reducing inventory. 

Inside of Abraham Moon & Sons mill
Image: Abraham Moon & Sons

Being a vertical woollen mill, we have a unique ability to be able to control the whole production process from fibre to finished cloth on one site which offers great benefits to both our customers and our own business. This verticality also gives us a challenge when it comes to planning and scheduling all our different production departments to work in alignment to ensure customers receive their fabric on time and in full. Our aim is to develop a system which can calculate the optimum schedule for all departments to work to which guarantees that we continually improve service and cost.

Trevor Durant, Operations Director