Laxtons Specialist Yarns

Technical roles in the fashion and textile industry require a wide range of specialist skills, but training new employees is time-consuming and labour intensive. It can take 6-8 months before a new member of staff can work on manufacturing equipment unsupervised.

This project will harness new augmented reality (AR) techniques to develop exciting new immersive training packages for Laxton’s staff, allowing them to gain virtual ‘hands-on’ experience of complex production processes, cutting average learning times, as well as providing unrivalled access to high quality training provision.

A skilled worker wearing headphones checks fibres before they are fully spun at Laxtons
Image: Laxtons

We are really excited about this project which will enable us to take our training and multi skilling to the next level, not only improving productivity but also improving staff engagement in the whole process.

James Laxton, Managing Director