Bower Roebuck

Producing short runs of high-quality fabric for the fashion industry is a resource-intensive process, where skilled weaving technicians use their knowledge and experience to determine the correct loom settings for each type of cloth.

This project will analyse the key construction and property requirements for different fabrics and use this data to develop a new predictive model for optimal loom settings. Enabling technicians to optimise production and reducing the time taken to set up each run, this new digital tool will help to maximise the mill’s efficiency and reduce lead times while improving the consistency of fabric quality. 

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Bower Roebuck are delighted that our Future Fashion Factory project has been chosen to proceed. We are looking forward to working with the University of Leeds to develop this predictive model which will also be relevant to other weavers in the UK. It is critical that we harness the benefits of modern techniques in data analysis and modelling to keep a traditional manufacturer like ourselves at the forefront not only of design, but also of manufacturing competitiveness.

Tim Hoyle, Managing Director