Something Wicked

With growing demand for its luxury lingerie, Something Wicked is exploring new methods to increase its manufacturing capacity while maintaining the unique quality of its collections. This project will involve a complete analysis of current operations, identifying opportunities to upscale production with the support of digital technologies and drive continued business growth.

Digital Tools to Upscale Hand-Crafted Lingerie

A model wears black leather bra and brieds while sitting on the back of a brown leather sofa
Image: Something Wicked

Being a part of this project will give us the opportunity to discover and access digital technologies that will enable us to streamline and therefore increase, our production capacity. Keeping the manufacture of our luxury lingerie in the UK, is a key selling point of our brand. This project will allow us to build on what systems we have in place and improve them, enabling the growth of the business.

Steff McGrath, Managing Director