Design & Manufacturing (Outerwear / Sportswear)

Yuglet is new start company developing a high value technical wool garment made for the outdoor adventure markets. The business was started during lockdown from the founder’s love of working with wool. Her background is woollen manufacture with over 15 years experience working in both weaving and spinning in UK mills. She has in the past attended international trade fairs exhibited and has sold successfully to established brands.

The business has prototyped material and is looking to collaborate with a forward thinking industry partner to develop further sample knitted garments. The aim is to produce small run Late- stage customisation while cutting lead times and at the same time reducing stock inventory held by manufacturers.

  • Listing ID: 2026
  • Contact: Valerie Smith
  • What are your aspirations and plans for the future?: To have a innovative brand selling online direct to consumer. Show casing technical garments worn by the users set in British landscapes such as the Cairngorm Mountain range in Scotland. The use of digital communication to convey the tactile and performance properties of wool in choose environments to online customers.
  • What types of projects are you interested in working on through Future Fashion Factory?: Yuglet has a project currently underway and is looking to continue this project with suitable collaborations and networking with in the Future Fashion Factory. The project would benefit from links to digital communication expertise, wool carding and dying manufactures, knitting factories using Stoll or Shima Knitting technology.
Contact details

Scotland ***** https://www.yuglet.co.uk/