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Future Fashion Factory Announces Interactive Futures Sustainable Fashion (IFSF) Challenge

The Interactive Futures Sustainable Fashion Challenge from Future Fashion Factory – in association with the Applied Games Lab (an InGame spinout application)– is an ambitious competition to harness the potential of game design and game technologies to innovate novel solutions to a global societal challenge: empowering fashion consumers to encourage the fashion and textile industries to develop more robust sustainability practices and credentials.

A brightly coloured heat scan of a 3D zoned heater

Durability meets Innovation in Conductive Printing Technology

Conductive Transfers Ltd has developed a new process for screen-printing circuits with a high level of durability, ideal for developing innovative wearable solutions. This ground-breaking approach eliminates the wires and plastic substrates that are commonly found in contemporary wearables, all while preserving the benefits of printing onto a plastic sheet.  

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Frugi: Sustainable Durability testing to Guarantee Children’s Clothing

Working with Future Fashion Factory, Mary Lawrence the Product Development Manager at Frugi has formed a collaborative team with Dr Mark Taylor a Research Fellow from Leeds University and Eurofins Modern Testing Services with the mission to develop a new sophisticated method to generate a more streamlined testing protocol, the project was able to examine the impacts of repeated washing and wear and tear testing on childrenswear.