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 Supply Chain / Traceability

SofMat has developed novel marking technology for use in brand protection and anti- counterfeit applications. The technology involves the production of 3D features containing micron scale markings that are invisible to the naked eye. The features can be for example a representation of a company logo that contains different heights that are only by the producer of the article that is being protected. The company has also developed a portable reader that can be used to decode the features on the to prove authenticity. The markings can be applied directly to goods or onto small motifs that can be attached to or hidden in the goods.

We have also developed serialisation technology producing a 3D code that can be used to confirm identity. This involves the production of different heights in a product, each one representing a part of an alphanumeric code. This code contains a very large amount of data in a small area. Again this can be decoded by our reader.

If required the technology can also be tailored to the needs of the manufacturer giving them a bespoke system that will be unique to their application.

Our product contains a number of layers of security that facilitates in the field verification or if required a complete forensic analysis of the marking.

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  • Contact: Philip Harrison
  • What are your aspirations and plans for the future?: To become the 'go to' company for manufacturers that already have, or wish to prevent a counterfeit problem. The system can be used on a wide range of goods for example but not limited to, automotive, pharmaceuticals, beverages, clothes, high value goods, electronic components etc etc. The ability to identify counterfeit products quickly in the field means that they can quickly be removed from the supply chain limiting their exposure to the public.
  • What types of projects are you interested in working on through Future Fashion Factory?: We would like to hold discussions with designers, producers and sales outlets regarding the integration of our system into the final goods. We would also like to demonstrate the adaptability of our system, the ease of applying the markings, ease of reading and the cost effectiveness of the product.
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