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We’re building an online fashion marketplace where instead of buying finished clothing, customers will buy designs directly from the designers themselves. Once in possession of a design, they can get it manufactured for the physical garment with any manufacturer in the world, obtaining decisive power over how, in what conditions and where will their piece of clothing be produced. This is possible as the design is encoded and transmitted in the form of an NFT, of which the metadata contains all the information necessary for production.

Yiume’s marketplace is tackling three of the five innovation challenges/themes defined up by the FFF project.

Late stage customisation

We use decentralised technology to achieve a free fashion industry in which the middle-man between the designer and the user is eliminated. The NFT designs exchanged on yiume’s marketplace are of two types: complete clothing blueprint with predefined dimensions, cuts, stitching, materials, etc… or a singular image/symbol/pattern which can be manufactured onto any clothing, and of which the size and position is chosen by the user.

Circular economy

Yiume’s novel way of acquiring clothing results in on-demand production, eliminating waste tied to the destruction of unsold clothing stock, a common practice nowadays carried out by most fashion giants. Furthermore, it gives consumers the choice of manufacturer, incentivizing the latter to embrace environmentally friendly and ethical practices to be upheld through a fair competition.

Communication of Aesthetics

With yiume’s approach to fashion, even though the design is completely in a digital form, we communicate the physical properties of the real life garment through the NFT metadata. It contains all relevant information for the customer and manufacturer to get the most precise image of how the piece will look before getting it delivered to them. Our future plans to further enhance the communication contain collaboration with augmented reality projects to allow customers to try out the garments on before redeeming.

  • Listing ID: 3123
  • Contact: Lukas Babic
  • What are your aspirations and plans for the future?: The marketplace is currently under development. The path to our final vision involves multiple phases, which can be visualised on our website: https://www.yiume.eu/roadmap.
  • What types of projects are you interested in working on through Future Fashion Factory?: Potential collaborations initiated through FFF network may include projects that focus on: ● augmented reality clothing visualisation ● digitally connected garments Nevertheless, this list is not exhaustive. We are curious and eager to learn about upcoming fashion tech, and we believe collaboration is a major driver of innovation, so we remain open to any other potential collaborations.
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