ACS Clothing Ltd

 Clothing / Accessory Rental

ACS is Europe’s largest rental and renewal fulfilment centre. We enable fashion brands and retailers to introduce a circular business model at scale by taking care of the entire reverse logistics operation from our state-of-the-art 200,000 sq ft facility based in the UK.

Our service is complete with order management, warehousing, eco-friendly cleaning and sanitisation, textile care and repair, quality control, sortation and despatch.

As a pending B corporation, we live and breathe our values. ACS is a circular business model, and we are striving towards net zero emissions by 2025 – 25 years ahead of the UK targets.

  • Listing ID: 2938
  • Contact: Lyndsey Pell
  • What are your aspirations and plans for the future?: Enable the shift from linear to circular fashion models to reduce resource depletion and divert textile waste from landfill. Be a driving force towards a sustainable future for the fashion industry. Collaborate with industry partners on innovative projects that will further disrupt the current linear fashion model.
  • What types of projects are you interested in working on through Future Fashion Factory?: Projects relating to rental or resale fashion, sustainable fashion logistics, consumer behaviour research on circular models, reduced carbon emissions, the circular economy for textiles, service based fashion models (access over ownership), returns (servicing damaged returns), textile care and repair, eco-cleaning, textile recycling.
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Centralpoint Logistics Park, Eurocentral, MotherwellScotland,ML1 4GP *****