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Future Fashion Factory Announces Interactive Futures Sustainable Fashion (IFSF) Challenge

The Interactive Futures Sustainable Fashion Challenge from Future Fashion Factory – in association with the Applied Games Lab (an InGame spinout application)– is an ambitious competition to harness the potential of game design and game technologies to innovate novel solutions to a global societal challenge: empowering fashion consumers to encourage the fashion and textile industries to develop more robust sustainability practices and credentials.

Highlights – Future Fashion Factory Showcase 2023

Taking place at Nexus Leeds on 30th June, the Future Fashion Factory Showcase is a celebration of the outcomes of the programme, bringing together the industrial partners who have collaborated throughout five years of R&D innovation.

The Future of Footwear

Future Fashion Factory Community Member Hylo is leading the way in accelerating environmental change in the athletic footwear market. Their mission is clear, to be a movement of Athletes for Planet, using materials science to make performance products in a better way. Their products are built to perform but with […]