Where To Start with Intellectual Property


When and where do fashion designers create intellectual property (IP)? How can IP be protected? When should you seek legal advice?

FFF Fridays: Circular Systems


Hear from Future Fashion Factory members about their innovative work towards the circular economy.


Titanic Belfast 1 Olympic Way, Queen's Road, Belfast

BEYOND is a unique, annual gathering of current and future innovators focused on Research and Development across the Creative Industries.


Designer Drop-In


Pop in to this informal drop-in to meet designers from across the Future Fashion Factory community.

Social Media Marketing: Q&A


Social media marketer and trainer Becky Boyd answers your questions about making the most of social media for your brand. 

Ask the Manufacturer: Q&A


Experts the from the Future Fashion Factory community will field your questions about finding and working with UK manufacturers.

Six-Month Sustainability Challenge


This new funding call offers grants up to £25,000 for short-term, high-impact innovation projects focused on sustainability and creating viable circular economies.

Upcycling Masterclass


Discover how to keep old clothes out of landfill in this practical session with Upcycle Fashion.