Inside Future Fashion Factory: Skills


Dr Kevin Almond (University of Leeds) and Bill Macbeth OBE (Textile Centre of Excellence) will share some of the ways in which fashion and textiles education has changed in recent years, along with some of the findings from their Future Fashion Factory work so far.  

Inside Future Fashion Factory: Late-Stage Customisation


Professor Parik Goswami, leader of Future Fashion Factory’s research in late-stage customisation, will chair this webinar exploring some of the groundbreaking work taking place across the Programme.  

Inside Future Fashion Factory: Data-Driven Design


Professor Stephen Westland (University of Leeds) will chair this deep dive into how AI, machine learning and big data techniques are being developed and expanded across the Programme.

Inside Future Fashion Factory: Digital Communication of Aesthetics


Chaired by Professor Ningtao Mao, who leads Future Fashion Factory’s research in the communication of aesthetics, this webinar will explore the digital tools being created to accurately convey information about how fabrics look and feel.

Virtual Showcase


Join leading experts from our community and the wider fashion and textile industry for this day of talks, panel discussions and online networking.

Futurescan 5: Conscious Communities

Nexus, University of Leeds Discovery Way, Leeds

The Association of Fashion and Textile Courses (FTC) brings the Futurescan 5 conference to the University of Leeds.