Design & Manufacturing (Textiles)

We combine innovative composite materials and textile structures with low-cost manufacturing technique. We develop these technologies in-house, or in collaboration with suppliers, universities, and research organisations.  We have a good track record in gaining funding and project delivery, and a background in technology commercialisation.

  • Listing ID: 1061
  • Contact: Adam Connolly
  • What are your aspirations and plans for the future?: We’re working with the Advanced Propulsion Centre, as part of their Technology Developer Accelerator Programme, to build a route to market for our low-cost composites in the niche and volume Automotive market. We’re also developing our technologies for consumer and sporting goods.
  • What types of projects are you interested in working on through Future Fashion Factory?: Novel technical textiles for low cost / low MOQ composites, e.g. spreading, wet / dry surface treatment, impregnation, and twisting - for innovative natural fibre & thermoplastic composite sizing; embroidery / sewing - Tailored Fibre Preforms (sewing continuous reinforcing fibres onto a substrate material to form stress-adapted composite parts); filament / tape winding – to form tubes and / or flat textiles (‘blanks’); woven dry reinforcement textiles - for fibre / metal laminates.
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