For 7 years, I have been the owner of my own clothing brand, and for the last 2 years I have been a designer and product owner of a premium segment underwear brand, which was sold in more than 15 stores throughout Ukraine. For two year the company showed rapidly growing economic indicators. On my professional way, I learned a few lines of the design and production from ready-to-wear clothing, to wedding clothing and lingerie. I had the opportunity to explore and study the technology of production at the best companies in the world. I can create interesting concepts, yet...

 Design & Manufacturing (Lingerie and Intimates)

My research specialises in social media marketing and advertising, consumer information processing and eye-tracking methodology. I’m interested in the important factors that influence the marketing communication effectiveness, especially what type of the content interests consumers under both high or low involvement conditions. Using the eye tracking technology, we can understand how consumers process the branded content. With this knowledge, fashion retailers can communicate with consumers more effectively.

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  Manchester

We’re building an online fashion marketplace where instead of buying finished clothing, customers will buy designs directly from the designers themselves. Once in possession of a design, they can get it manufactured for the physical garment with any manufacturer in the world, obtaining decisive power over how, in what conditions and where will their piece of clothing be produced. This is possible as the design is encoded and transmitted in the form of an NFT, of which the metadata contains all the information necessary for production. Yiume’s marketplace is tackling three of the five innovation challenges/themes defined up by the...

 Retailers / Showrooms

Yuglet is new start company developing a high value technical wool garment made for the outdoor adventure markets. The business was started during lockdown from the founder's love of working with wool. Her background is woollen manufacture with over 15 years experience working in both weaving and spinning in UK mills. She has in the past attended international trade fairs exhibited and has sold successfully to established brands. The business has prototyped material and is looking to collaborate with a forward thinking industry partner to develop further sample knitted garments. The aim is to produce small run Late- stage customisation...

 Design & Manufacturing (Outerwear / Sportswear) /  Scotland

We are yarn spinners specialising in natural fibres. We have a very large archive of colours that could be shared with members.

 Design & Manufacturing (Textiles) /  West Yorkshire

My company main business is luxury high end footwear for women and its interests are to develop a new collection with an innovative convertible high heel shoe which has not been exploited in the high-end luxury footwear market. With the help of the Future Fashion Factory project’s skills in development I believe we can fill this gap in the market.

 Design & Manufacturing (Footwear, Jewellery & Accessories) /  Midlands

Zola Eve is a sustainable, ethical and empowering active-wear collection. The range is vibrant, and infuses some of the founder, Ncheta Dasilva’s West African heritage into the prints. Our garments are made from 78% recycled polyester, saving raw materials and using less energy and water in the production process. Our garments are ethically produced in North London, the factory ensures workers are paid and treated fairly. Producing in the UK means we not only reduce our carbon footprint, we also contribute to the resurgence of the UK textile industry, something we're passionate about. Zola Eve empowers women by donating 10%...

 Design & Manufacturing (Apparel) /  London

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