WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) is a not for profit organisation and registered charity whose vision is a world where resources are used sustainably. WRAP works with government, business and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency. Our mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy by: Re-inventing how we design, produce and sell products; Re-thinking how we use and consume products; and Re-defining what is possible through re-use and recycling. WRAPs programmes include the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, Circular Clothing Action Plan and other planned activities, as well as support to policy makers...

 Business Support Services /  South of England

We are a small company designing, making and retailing our own brand of sheepskin boots and slippers. The aim is to make the most sustainable sheepskin boots in the world. We do this by carefully selecting materials, making to order, customised options and offering a repair service. We are looking for collaboration with British manufacturers of components and materials. We can also offer small production runs.

 Design & Manufacturing (Footwear, Jewellery & Accessories) /  Wales

MSc Sustainability and Business (Graduation: September 2020) I am pretty interested in fashion industry as my parents work in clothing industry. And my postgraduate dissertation's topic is Sustainable Fashion. That's why I keep a close eye on Future Fashion Factory. My parents work in Guangzhou, which is one of the biggest clothing wholesale city. I knew a lot about the industry there, proud of their efficiency but also concerned about their sustainability in terms of environment and human resources.

 Student / Alumni Members /  West Yorkshire

Functional fashion. Design new functional fashion fiber and fabrics, such as antibacterial fibres, anti-ultraviolet fabrics, and smart wearable devices, as well as future-oriented smart textiles. Develop new fabric visualization software and fashion design software; Sustainable development in the fashion industry.

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  Manchester

We are building an NFT auction platform to sell photo-real digital copies of luxury fashion collectibles. Think Christie's for virtual fashion. Our main interests include, luxury fashion and goods design, 3D design, VFX, 3D modelling and digital IP. We are three co-founders, with expertise in both in VFX and Luxury fashion (I have worked in VFX for film for over 9 years now and have spent that time in the most established post-houses in the industry). Michael has worked in luxury fashion marketing for over a decade, working for brands like Vivienne Westwood and Kent & Curwen, and Isabella has...

 Retailers / Showrooms /  London

XYZ EXCHANGE will be a cloud-based supply chain tool; an IP, product development, manufacturing, and inventory management platform. Operationally speaking, the XYZ EXCHANGE boils down to 2 key components: connecting things, property, businesses and people and then holding them all together. This project is the opportunity to develop, refine and pilot the XYZ.ID; the digital ‘glue’ allowing for interoperability. Turning a traditional and rigid supply chain into an easily manageable, flexible and transparent supply network. This allows UK factories to pivot to agile, responsible and digital operations and future-proof their core competencies. Seeking to democratise access to industry 4.0 for SME independent...

 Supply Chain / Traceability /  London

We are a self funded circular British knitwear brand. We found out that farmers in the UK are burning their wool while we as a nation import it from overseas. This doesn’t make sense to us at all! Sustainability can often be perceived as boring, but we want to break down those barriers, our business is very collaborative with our audience, we design using traditional patterns but give each piece a more current finish. We are completely driven by our social media presence, knit in small batches which means low if any waste and we do not import any wool.

 Design & Manufacturing (Apparel) /  South-East

For 7 years, I have been the owner of my own clothing brand, and for the last 2 years I have been a designer and product owner of a premium segment underwear brand, which was sold in more than 15 stores throughout Ukraine. For two year the company showed rapidly growing economic indicators. On my professional way, I learned a few lines of the design and production from ready-to-wear clothing, to wedding clothing and lingerie. I had the opportunity to explore and study the technology of production at the best companies in the world. I can create interesting concepts, yet...

 Design & Manufacturing (Lingerie and Intimates)

My research specialises in social media marketing and advertising, consumer information processing and eye-tracking methodology. I’m interested in the important factors that influence the marketing communication effectiveness, especially what type of the content interests consumers under both high or low involvement conditions. Using the eye tracking technology, we can understand how consumers process the branded content. With this knowledge, fashion retailers can communicate with consumers more effectively.

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  Manchester

We’re building an online fashion marketplace where instead of buying finished clothing, customers will buy designs directly from the designers themselves. Once in possession of a design, they can get it manufactured for the physical garment with any manufacturer in the world, obtaining decisive power over how, in what conditions and where will their piece of clothing be produced. This is possible as the design is encoded and transmitted in the form of an NFT, of which the metadata contains all the information necessary for production. Yiume’s marketplace is tackling three of the five innovation challenges/themes defined up by the...

 Retailers / Showrooms

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