Weffan revolutionises the way clothes are made by creating fully-fashioned 3D woven garments, produced in one step, engineered on an automated loom.  3D weaving garments weaves the fabric and the structure and form of the garment at the same time, drastically reducing production time. Automating an otherwise laborious process into essentially one step. Weaving whole garments on the loom shortens production steps, minimises fabric and resource waste, and builds a more dynamic, resilient, and transparent manufacturing supply chain.  By designing 3D weaving garment technology, Weffan aims to align fashion industry incentives with sustainability goals by creating manufacturing efficiency and cost...

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The Westminster Menswear Archive houses approximately 2000 examples of British menswear that can be used for research by industry and academics to produce new approaches to design practice. It promotes the technical and functional study of menswear design to increase public awareness of menswear as a design discipline and to act as a resource tool to inform contemporary menswear design. The archive deliberately resists a design hierarchy, instead offering a parity of clothing-based objects interspersed with workwear, uniforms, and designer garments. This diversity of objects has made it a critical resource for industry to inform new design research and generate...

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Since its launch in September 2008, WhichPLM has become an industry institution, packed with exclusive news, interviews, analysis and insight. Our mission statement has always been clear: we work on behalf of the fashion industry, creating the clearest possible channels of communication between its technology suppliers, brands, and customers. Collectively, the WhichPLM experts boast a half-century of industry experience; as a team and individually, we understand PLM from the foundations upwards, and each of us is invested in understanding, reporting on, and helping to shape its future.

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3 main objectives for the brand are: To raise much needed funds for the charity we support, the Aegis Trust To reduce fast fashions impact on the planet To support our customers through the current cost of living crisis, by giving customers access to great products at great prices The strengths we can bring are: Our alignment with the student population – currently 54% of our bases are students Share a wealth of our retail experience within the FFF project. Share peace education and conflict resolution knowledge

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The core business of the company is the manufacture of thermally bonded polyester waddings and needled felts for the bedding, upholstery and quilting industries. We also process virgin wool, and we are the only company in the UK accredited by the Soil Association to process organic wool. During the past eight years wool production has widened to include quilted wool-filled products. We believe that working in conjunction with the Future Fashion Factory project, we can pool our expertise with the expertise in marketing, analysis of the market requirements, etc., which we understand is available through the Universities of Huddersfield and...

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WBRU was born after I felt inspired to make contribution in the creative forum after year of working with some super creative individuals and also by growing in confidence and finding my voice. Our core ethos is to celebrate individuality and creative whistle looking at way to improve current manufacturing techniques that have serve the industry and consumers well to this point but are no longer sustainable / ethical / eco-friendly / social responsible.

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Wonder Industries is a UK based B2B European online fashion factory powered by machine learning that makes the sales and sourcing process 2X faster, 30% cheaper, 100% more transparent and trustworthy. Wonder Industries is a borderless, completely transparent digital environment where companies can effectively trade, cooperate, make new connections, and eliminate the need to develop and support their own e-commerce solutions. We are actively contributing to the development and enhancement of digital communication, trade practices, and online cooperation. We empower SMEs giving them the tools and capabilities previously available only for high-end companies.

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We’re 100% owned by the farming families who grow our wool so we care about passing on our world to the next generation in as good, if not better, condition than it is now. By being accountable, traceable and sustainable at all times, we aim to lead the world in growing the highest quality wool in the most environmentally sensitive way. Our specialty is strong wool for beds, upholstery and carpets.  We have our own independently audited integrity programme covering animal welfare, land management and social welfare.  As well as being a part of the Responsible Wool Standard, we are...

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Designers and manufacturers of wool-based textiles for the interiors, electronics and car markets.

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World Textile Information Network Ltd (WTiN) provides specialist insight and data-driven intelligence to businesses in the Textile & Apparel value chain, enabling them to make better decisions faster and gain competitive advantage. Its primary focus is on the high growth markets of materials innovation, industry digitalisation and technical textiles. WTiN products are subscription based, with most delivered digitally, leveraging the latest technology to maximise user discoverability. WTiN also: organises focused B2B events held each year in Europe, the USA & Asia; delivers bespoke consulting projects; and publishes a range of journals and reports.

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