Amarti is a design studio that produces patterns and surface designs for textiles and other surfaces along with fine art and art prints. Amarti is focused on visual texture and uses different materials to produce new visual propositions. Currently, Amarti is exploring the VR market to understand the possibilities of the surface design industry with these new technologies. This exploration could contribute to the FFF interest in future possibilities.

 Design & Manufacturing (Textiles) /  North Yorkshire

Currently working on MA Project Music Mind-Textile Art Textile installation. Amelia Peng Design Project and Global supply chain Management in Textile industry around 15 years, based in Taiwan, London and Paris. R&D Color changing/ iridescent membrane tech development. R&D Glow in the dark, Reflective materials development. adidas 2016 Rio Olympic project textiles development project, Germany. adidas Reflective project- the color space. 2014, Germany. adidas Neo Motion sound insulation 3D textiles dev. 2015, Germany. Hermes- water reactive fabric development 2015, France. Hally Hansen- lightweight transparency printed / laminations, Norway. Lululemon - The Art of Authenticity - Concept film Advance Design Project.

 Student / Alumni Members /  London

AMPHIBIO LTD is a startup bringing novel material technology to disrupt the watersport and outdoor wear industry. Founded by Royal College of Art and Imperial College London graduate Jun Kamei, the company is currently based in London, at the InnovationRCA incubator inside the Royal College of Art. The company is currently developing a novel membrane technology with wide potential as an artificial gill with application in diving equipment and as a novel waterproof material for the watersport and outdoor industry. Directly related to Future Fashion Factory, one of AMPHIBIO’s focus is to achieve a highly recyclable yet functional waterproof breathable...

 Design & Manufacturing (Outerwear / Sportswear) /  London

MSc Textiles (Graduation: September 2020) I have just begun studying Textiles at Masters degree level at the University of Leeds, here I am studying in depth about textiles technologies and colouring and finishing processes which are undertaken. As sustainability and innovation are so relevant at the moment due to environmental and social factors, that the textiles industry in part produces, I am interested in helping the textile industry to think about clever ideas and deliver on solutions to overcome the industries main sources of polluting. As of yet I have little experience within the textiles industry as I come from...

 Student / Alumni Members /  West Yorkshire

Knitwear, Textile and Design expertise (Central Saint Martins Graduate) Focus on sustainability from the angle of material sourcing and ethical labour.

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  London

Anamad is a startup comprised of two founders with a history in research and development. Our company is developing an advanced water treatment device that is low cost in operation but highly effective at the destruction of persistent pollutants in complex wastewaters, including dyes, microfibers and microplastics. We have secured grant funding from Innovate UK, RAEng, and the Southampton Science park Catalyst. We are interested in developing our technology to address industries that are currently poorly served in water treatment due to ongoing costs, challenges of space, or complex effluents.

 End of Life / Re-Manufacturing /  South of England

AndReal Design - accessories brand Sustainability and circular economies, zero-waste technology, using biodegradable materials

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  West Yorkshire

I am a future-facing fashion designer/maker based in London, with a focus on innovative manufacturing processes. My work centres on the application of emerging technologies towards the development of new techniques for garments construction and accessories design. Through my recent MA at the Royal College of Art I focused on the development of a Future Tailoring aesthetic, defined by sonic welding and taping technology. As such the outerwear pieces in my MA collection were entirely un-sewn in their construction and cut in side-profile, allowing them to fold flat. This process involved rigorous testing of fabrication and finish, combined with experimentation...

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  London

Innovative fashion design and knitwear design - textile specialist. My main interests are in functional and practical forward-thinking garment design, concepts relative to climate change with benefits to human life and the environment. Textile innovation that will enhance the health and wellbeing, body temperature, and protection of human life also.

 Designers /  London

As a seasoned Sustainability & Innovation leader in a diverse number of industries, including Power Generation and Fashion & Luxury, my expertise is in crafting sustainable business strategy, leading strategic initiatives, scaling up innovations and bringing people together to deliver transformational change. I co-founded the Sustainability & Innovation function at Burberry and continued to advocate as an industry leader at the intersection between sustainability, materials science, technology and fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF, London College of Fashion). As a futurist with a dedication to sustainable innovation and circular design practices, I constantly leverage on cross-industry collaborations and...

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  Outside UK

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