We are a precision engineering company CNC EDM and wire erosion CNC milling & turning fully equipped tool room. Customer base: aerospace, gas & oil, mould tooling robotics and LSM 3D metal printing, reverse engineering, design & project management. Ethical ways to produce components and wide range of knowledge from many industries to produce bespoke methods of manufacture.

 Design Technology Solutions /  South Yorkshire

Aistetic is a new sustainable direct to consumer e-commerce brand & company tailored to men's needs - we want to make tailoring accessible to more men leveraging state of the art machine learning driven AI and image based 3D scanning. We would bring a number of strengths: Proven ability to commercialise innovation Purpose driven marketing State of the art expertise in computer vision & deep learning Networks and connections (world class AI/computer vision & consumer sustainability initiatives)

 Tailoring /  Newcastle / North-East

High premium clothing and footwear. Also looking to produce accessories.

 Designers /  London

I’m extremely interested in circular and regenerative design processes, particularly focusing on fibre development, colour processing/dye alternatives & technological innovations (e.g., bacterial/enzyme-based dyes), zero waste fabric development technology – specifically knitwear, such as Stoll/Shima’s technologies, fibre/garment recycling services/technology, and biodegradable/compostable fabric/fibre development. I’m interested in anything regarding our fashion industry, sustainability and any research into new developments/technology that are striving to positively influence real change. My strengths and expertise include thorough understanding of yarn fibres, through my university project – dip-dyeing natural un-dyed knitted fabrics to explore the response of the application of colour to yarn fibres. I also have...

 Fashion & Textile Professionals /  London

Regenerative materials, connecting fashion to nature, traceability, leather innovation and sustainability, leather goods design and manufacturers. Interested in circularity in leather production, tanning, finishing, and dying.

 Designers /  South-West

As a cross - disciplinary creative design practitioner, entrepreneurial thinker and educator,  my experiences both in the fashion industry, as designer and developer, and through collaborations with other disciplines have provided me with an unique skill set and perspective on the fashion futures focused on sustainable, innovative and collaborative creative solutions. /ALIGN Creative Studio creates connections, designing and managing cross disciplinary projects that unite our fashion industry contacts, experiences and practice, both as educators and industry practitioners. We seek to identify, envision and action projects that will contribute positively to sustainable fashion scenarios of the future.

 Consultancy Services /  London

Allta is a mountain bike based accessories brand, pushing for more sustainability and recycling within the mountain bike industry. We are mainly concentrating on circular economies at this time, and wish to make this a large part of our products and business model. We have strong knowledge in the Irish mountain biking scene (mainly via the MTB-TRIBE podcast) and have a personal connection with many of the councils responsible for funding and developing the scene within Ireland. We also have personal connections with many of the professional riders and organisers.

 Design & Manufacturing (Outerwear / Sportswear) /  Northern Ireland

Always Wear Red is a menswear brand. Caps, beanies, scarves, socks, wallets and belts. In 2019 we will expand to include jumpers, tee-shirts, hoodies, bags and pins - plus expand existing ranges. We also want to explore footwear, trousers, jeans and jackets. We are a distinct, purpose-driven brand. Always Wear Red create confidence. We change the way you feel, encouraging you to do what you were born to do. Michael is a proven brand builder, having led teams that advised some of the world’s best brands. These skills can help other members if you’d like to explore this.

 Design & Manufacturing (Footwear, Jewellery & Accessories) /  Newcastle / North-East

10 years' experience as a fashion textile designer (print, weave, and embroidery design) Very experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, AVA, NedGraphics, and dyeing and printing processes, including digital print Very experienced in creating specs and tech packs and liaising with factories Experienced in pattern cutting, the Pad System for CAD, Gerber, and digital prototyping using Optitex

 Designers /  London

Amaella is an organic cotton and ethical lingerie social enterprise. We exclusively use GOTS cotton and we are committed to workers rights. We have full transparency and traceability of the supply chain to ensure our high environmental and ethical standards are met. Amaella is on a mission to lower the environmental and social footprint of your lingerie draw. We are interested in: Circular fashion, specifically in fibers recycling and lingerie up-cycling. Biodegradable elastics and lingerie trims 3D printing applications on lingerie Adaptive clothing

 Design & Manufacturing (Lingerie and Intimates) /  East of England

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